Turkey and Israel

Turkey and Israel Turkey - Israel | [Turkey's decision is a warning to Netanyahu government] and the UAE paper [Dubai WAM] [Turkey by determining the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador would be to increase the prestige in the Middle East. ] And the United Arab Emirates (UAE) paper reported. The daily paper [Gulf News] is not surprising necessarily [of Turkey has decided to expulsion and suspension of military cooperation of the Israeli ambassador. Tensions between the two countries, Turkish people had increased from Palestine aid ship assault case before the Israeli troops were killed. The Turkish government, was not clearly expressed their anger against the policies of the Israeli government since the Gaza invasion by Israeli forces that have been made from 00 years over the 2.0 years. ] However, since the Israeli government has refused to apologize for that attacked the peace activists who were on board the aid ship of Turkish nationality, as the Turkish government, also in order to show the validity of the international their claims, with the Netanyahu government We had to take measures to lower the diplomatic relations level.

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